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For last 32 years, we have been leaders in the design, manufacturing, marketing of environmental and process instruments

Dew Point Analyzers,Gas Analyzers, Gas Monitors, Broken Bag Detector, Ultrasonic Leak Detector, Gas Detector, Solid Flow Monitor, Compressed Air Leak Detector, Dust particulate Monitor ,Green House Gas Analyser, Gas smoke detector, LPG gas alarm system, CO2 gas alarm system, Trace gas analyser, Trace oxygen gas analyser, Bio gas analyzer,SF6 Gas Detectors, coal gas analyser, flue gas analyser, stack gas analyser, Tri gas analyser, Trace moisture analyzer,Moisture analyser,relative humidity meter,

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Universal Range of Detectors/Analyzers

We have vast range of product which can be use as Oxy- Toxy- Explosive Leak Detector-Analyser, With Various Gas , Applications. From Fixed to Portable, Wired to wireless.

Certified World Class Accuracy

We offer Accuracy to .......... level. And We are proudly India's One of Few Certified Manufacture who achieved this calculation range in Detecting/Analysing of Leaked Gas.

Affordable With Clients Budget

Contrary to popular belief, Most awesome things cost Like Bomb. No we are Solution provider with every given budget.

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